Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Scientific Method

This weekend James and I decided to take a trip down to the Maryland Science Center for our Saturday date. This was actually James' first visit. I was really excited to show him all the cool things my museum has to play with; apparently I got a little carried away and went too fast.

Since we get in to the museum for free, we decided to make the Science Center into a series of dates. This time we dedicated our entire visit to the third floor which holds space link and body link. 

First we went to space link and saw a presentation called "Science on a Sphere." It's basically just a massive sphere screen suspended in the center of the room. The projected data sets onto the sphere about earth and other planets. That was James' favorite part.

We also played in the space link room. Here we are dressed up in some NASA flight suits. Our day ended with a planetarium show about constellations.

Next we visited the body link exhibit. James got to try out the bed of nails for the first time. This is one of my favorite parts of the exhibit halls.

We also got to be "real scientists" for the day and do any experiment in the wet lab that taught us a little about the digestive enzymes that break down the carbohydrates that we eat. We had a pretty good time at the museum. We'll add more pictures next time we go to visit the other levels of exhibits.