Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Graduation!

The day after James graduated, we headed for Indiana for Mandy's high school graduation.

She was the class president all four years of high school. Mandy had some speaking parts during the ceremony so they gave us special seats.

Naturally, family photos came right after the ceremony. Nice face dad. 

Typical Mandy.

Mandy and one of her best friends shared a fiesta themed open house the day after graduation. There was a cake featuring a picture of the two from when they were in elementary school. Marissa designed most of the decorations for the event. Regan and I made all the hanging decorations from tissue paper. 

And that, everyone, is my mother. Taking pictures with our mouths wide open seems to be a family characteristic. Although, I do believe I am the original owner of the wide mouth pic - and proud of it. It's second only to a jumping picture.

During the open house James taught the family how to play bocce ball. I think some of them might be addicted. Regan was pretty darn good. 

Now Mandy is all grown up and out of high school. I'm excited for adult her to come live with us this summer. I'm sure there will be lots of blog posts to share. It's going to be fun!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


On May 25th James graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Degree of Master of Science in Public Health!

The week before the actual graduation, James was inducted into the Alpha chapter of Delta Omega (the Public Health Honors Society). Here he is receiving his certificate. 

Both James' dad and my dad were able to come for the graduation ceremony. Before the convocation we went to a lunchin at the Bloomberg Building and took a few pictures. First James showed us the roof...

Then we went to the hospital were James took a picture with Johns...

And with his dad in front of the Cristus Statue.

Outside the concert hall before the ceremony we took family pictures with James in his cap and gown and hood. The stole he is wearing is for the honors society members.

It was a wonderful day. I'm very proud of James for his accomplishments. He is a very smart guy and a hard worker. I'm excited to see how well he does in Michigan!