Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Our family blog has been an extreme misrepresentation of what we have been up to lately. For some reason we just haven't been taking that many pictures. I'm really going to need to step it up.

On Memorial Day I did bring out the camera for our morning activities. Before the lake with our ward friends, James and I went on a bike ride to the university arboretum to see their annual peony beds.

They had so many different colores of peonies. It was super beautiful. 

We walked around taking pictures and smelling the flowers for a little until we decided to to visit Ann Arbor's Arb fairy village. 

The kids of Ann Arbor build huts every year for the fairies and wood trolls to live in. Ann Arbor has really embraced the fairy houses, and there are fairy doors and villages all over Ann Arbor. You can actually download a map of all the fairy doors in town and go on a hunt to find them! I think we might go on an adventure sometime soon to find them all!

St. Louis

I'm not sure why I never included these pictures in my recent trip with my parents. We were also able to stop by and visit Marissa and Justin for a little while in St. Louis.

While my dad was in a business meeting, we took the day to explore the botanical gardens.

The flowers that were in bloom were very beautiful.