Sunday, November 13, 2011


Happy Late Halloween!

Ann Arbor is teeming with fun things to do in the fall. And Halloween is no different. Unfortunately, only three kids came to our house to trick or treat. Good thing we filled our time with loads of Halloween festivities of our own! With a few of our friends we went to a cider mill and had donuts, watched the best Halloween movies ever made - Hocus Pocus and So I married an Axe Murder, gave out candy at our wards truck or treat AND we picked pumpkins at a pumpkin patch... 

Lots of the pumpkins at the patch were huge! They were also very awkwardly shaped. James tried to pick this one up but he couldn't quite get his arms all the way around it. 

Since most of the pumpkins were flat on one side, we spent quite a while walking through the patch trying to find round ones. We decided to pile all the good pumpkins on our cart and pick from the bunch after it was full. 

With our pumpkins purchased we headed for Ann Arbor's Nature Conservancy where we watched a special "Halloween" animal show and ate even more donuts. We got to see all kinds of scary animals.  They featured a raven, a vulture, a large snake, a gila monster, a fruit bat, cock roaches, and an owl. The owl was extremely beautiful. 

We also got to touch the gila monster. I've never touched a live one before (Awesome!). 

After the show, the group carved our pumpkins. They turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself.