Monday, January 11, 2010


Every Monday night at a McDonalds near our home, a group of lounge singers serenade the Mickey D dinning guests with vocal entertainment and aisle dancing. We decided to check it out this week for our family home evening activity. It was amazing how many regulars show up for the event. About 100 elderly chicken Mcnugget eaters packed the fastfood booths. If it hadn't been for two small children who entered the building just after us, we would have easily been the youngest individuals present.

This brings us to another one of the evenings wonderful surprises - the McDonald's condiment bar! This, in my opinion, was just as exciting as the live show. I love condiments. Needless to say, I was in Heaven! There were many choices from but I decided to stick with the basics - ketchup, honey mustard, ranch, sweet and sour, and chipotle sauce. Yes, it may seem ridiculous to suggest that anyone person would ever need this many dipping items, however, this is how I eat my fries. James always jokes that fries are only my favorite food because it gives me something to eat with my condiments; unfortunately, he's right.

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