Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crafting Update

I've been making a bunch of things lately. Most of them have been recycling projects but a few are crocheted. Last week I crocheted a baby sweater for my friend who is having her second little boy soon. 

James wanted to sing the "Fat guy in a little coat" song but the sweater was a little too small.

Anyway, the almost finished project. Since she will be having her boy in the summer, I decided to make it a size 4 month so they will be able to use it come winter time. For a thicker sweater I crocheted two strands of yarn with each stitch; one white and one blue for a textured look. Now I just weave in the ends, add a few buttons, and the sweater will be ready for shipping.

I also made this little girl's tweed jacket just for fun. I actually really love it. I hope one of my friends has a baby girl so that I can give it away!


  1. That is an awful picture of me

  2. We're having a little girl...or two.

  3. wow those are super cute!! MUCH more impressive than a headband... good job! i'm impressed!

  4. The picture of Christ is looking awful sternly at James.