Monday, May 31, 2010

A Wee Walk Near Waynesboro

Before our trip to the Twin Kiss we tried to make a hike up to the Chimney Rocks on the AP. We started out well and took some pictures of the pretty surroundings. 

The green ferns floors of the woods.

A happy and excited Megan standing on some rocks over looking a cliff.

A bridge over the creek that cuts through the trail. 

Anyway, the trail ended up being quite a bit longer than we thought. It started out very pretty and green, then got rocky, and finally turned into an old road - so it wasn't as fun to hike as when we began. Also I got tired and hot and realized I don't really like to hike as much anymore. 
Needless to say we didn't finish the trail. Instead we turned around, visited my grandparents, and ate ice cream.


  1. megan, you look so good! Miss you!

  2. Where'd you go? You look skinny. Also, are you pregnant? I may have dreamed that but I'm not sure. At least if you are pregnant I can know that I am married to our cousin who is currently on a mission.

  3. You're married to Jordan? How OT of you