Saturday, September 11, 2010

La Muela

James and I hiked one of the inactive volcanoes near Xela with our Spanish School. The peak we went to is called La Muela.

My Spanish teacher, Mario, was our guide. 
There were A LOT of volcanic rocks.
We went around some rocks.....
And down some rocks....

And up some rocks..... 

But we finally made it to the very top.

The view was very beautiful. You could see a few cities and pueblos from the peak.

There was also a volcano behind us with basalt rock as far as you could see.

On the way down we stopped to take a few pictures of the view and a small natural sauna in a hut. Mario told us that many of the indigenous people bathe there because they don't have their own showers. 

The sauna was too hot for me to try but I took pictures of James and Mario. 

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