Monday, November 29, 2010


This weekend James and I went to see the Church of San Jacinto, the oldest church in Central America! It's very close to Quetzaltenango in a town called Salcaja. The church was built in 1524 and still looks pretty good for its age.

The town is also known for cloth weaving. I heard that 5 out of 10 houses in Salcaja have a cloth weaver. This is a great place to buy traditional Mayan clothing. Much of the clothing is elaborately hand embroidered. Since it's almost completely cloth, it's really a beautiful market. The great thing about this market is that it's not catered to tourists. All of the weavings for sale are meant to be worn. I took a quick picture of one vendor's merchandise to show all the different colors, patterns, and styles of the Mayan cloth.


  1. that church is unbelievable!! You guys are so lucky to be there and experience all of this culture. beautiful cloth, too.

  2. The church is gorgeous and I wish I could just fly down right now and gather up all that cloth. Of course, I'll make time to visit you too. :)

  3. That's the town I'm from, cool to see pictures from back home.