Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Move to the Mitten

Even after the violent lip-stick protesting of our friends the Burtons, we moved our little family to a new state this month. 

We sold our furniture yet again, packed our bags, filled our car and drove ourselves half way across this great country of ours.

We are now Michiganites! Or wolverines, which ever you prefer. 

James will start school just after Labor Day which gives us a little time together before we have to get back to business. That also gave us the time to visit my family before Amanda left for BYU and decorate our apartment. 

The apartment proved to be a struggle. Our apartment door is down a very narrow hallway which made it impossible to get any normal sized couch inside. Know how I know, I tried it ... multiple times. We kept getting new couches we thought would fit - but none of them would. How frustrating! After two or three weeks of searching, we found a couch that can easily be taken apart. Our house is finally coming together. 

We have a couch ...

See how much I love having a couch I can nap on! It's one of my favorite things.

We have a reading nook ...

And we have a T.V. corner ...

All the essentials. Now all we need is a job for Megan! I think we might really like it here in Ann Arbor.


  1. you are just too cool with a reading nook!

  2. Nooooo waaaay! You guys are really in Michigan now? I'm right next door! Hopkins partay in the Midwest! Someone has to call Lauren and Elle, haha.

  3. I've got an opening....

  4. Sorry about all the couches! You guys are so close now! Yeah!

  5. Love the couch you got! looks like it's coming together.