Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas in Georgia

This year we spent Christmas with James' family in Georgia. James' brother and his wife were nice enough to let us stay in their home during the holidays. 

James's mom Carolyn and Grandma Fuller came to have Christmas morning with the family. Might I just say that Christmas is so much more fun with little kids.

We don't get to see James' family nearly enough. He absolutely loves seeing his brother. Allen does all kinds of fun things with James that I won't usually do. I like camping but backpacking really isn't my thing so during the week, James and Allen went on a backpacking trip in northern Georgia. They also discovered they could play each other in Metal Storm over the internet on their respective apple devices. I haven't yet seen the end of it.

The best part of Christmas with kids is helping them to try out their new Christmas presents! Most of my time was spent playing with play-doh, having picnics, and dressing like princesses.

This little one didn't like me so much, but he sure did love his uncle James. He wouldn't let James put him down. 

Right before we left Georgia we took Carolyn out for a fun night at the Japanese Steakhouse.  Delicious! Not the most flattering pictures, but it's all we got. 

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