Sunday, February 7, 2010

El Fin!

James finished his fort last night after dark. He loves it. All night he kept looking out the window and saying that he wanted to be playing in it. He even suggested that we camp in the fort. This did not happen. However, this morning we went outside to dig our cars out of the snow and to take some pictures. The fort is HUGE and growing. It's about 10 feet across. It's sides are currently about five feet high all the way around. There are two arched doorways (one on each side). It looks as if a few more hours will be spend today building up the sides. Needless to say, James is extremely pleased with himself


  1. that is a pretty dang sweet fort! i remember my dad building a huge cave when we had a record storm in denver in like 1998 or something... and i love the big teeth-showing grin on james! like a little kid. ;)

  2. FYI, this was not "el fin." We have gotten another foot of snow, so the walls are about 12-18 inches higher now.