Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day #7

We're still snowed in. The snow stopped yesterday, so everyone that survived the storm came out of their caves today. School and work were cancelled for both of us, so it was a nice day to just enjoy the snow. The snow fort is as done as it ever will be. All in all it took me about 12 hours of work, most of which took place during the worst of the blizzard.

My friend Sam showed me some good walls in our complex to jump off into the snow. While he was doing a "back-flop" from almost 20 feet up, I settled for the 10 footer. After my first jump I realized that I was holding my nose. I guess my subconscious was praying for a water landing.

Megan is leaving for Indianapolis tomorrow and school is cancelled once again. So far, Hopkins owes me $1,222.50 in tuition for the 5 days.

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