Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day in the Life

Some days are more eventful than others. Today included vomit, car repairs, homework, scholarship applications, and Lost.

7:00 AM - Woke up; got out of bed; dragged a comb across my head
7:30 AM - do homework, prepare lunch, eat breakfast
9:00 AM - leave for school/work
9:30 AM - wander Homewood campus so I can drop off a check for $31.80. I needed to pay in person to get a serial number to install some software I need
10:00 AM - catch JHMI shuttle (my first time on the shuttle)
10:30 AM - arrive at school/biostats
10:45 AM - Install software during class and realize it isn't what I needed
11:50 AM - class is over, start on scholarship application that is due in 5 hours
1:25 PM - finish and submit scholarship application, skip lunch
1:30 PM - go to computer lab (since my software doesn't work) to learn SAS
3:15 PM - finish work in computer lab
3:20 PM - eat lunch on the terrace and enjoy the 75 degree weather for 8 minutes
3:30 PM - pick up biostats final exam from last term (I got an A...barely)
3:45 PM - walk to work
4:00 PM - arrive at work to find the door is locked. consider going home
4:05 PM - find a secret back entrance
5:00 PM - Megan picks me up at work. She is feeling very sick
5:15 PM - Megan throws up in the car (on the floorboards!) while I'm driving us home.
5:45 PM - Arrive home, put Megan to bed
6:15 PM - repair the Jeep and actually get it to crank for the first time in several weeks
7:30 PM - watch Lost on Hulu
9:00 PM - clean and vacuum the vomit out of the car
10:00 PM - realize I don't have any epi homework due tomorrow
10:15 PM - eat dinner (cereal)
10:30 PM - finish Part I of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables on the porch while watching the deer graze 100 ft away.


  1. Your life is CRAZY. How's Megan?

  2. Sounds like a pretty easy day to me! You couldn't get more stuff in? You need to learn to multi-task.