Thursday, June 17, 2010


I really LOVE games; like really love them. James and I play at least one game a night. I usually specialize in games that include dice or cards but I've recently become a fan of word games. My new found love is Bananagrams. See...

Here I am giving a hug to my new friend. He is just a bunch of tiles in a banana bag, but he is great fun. 

It's kind of like scrabble. Everyone starts out with 21 tiles. You build your own scrabble board with the letters that you have. Once someone has used all their letters, they yell "peel" and everyone takes one more. This just keeps on going until there aren't enough tiles in the middle for everyone to go another round. The last person to use up their tiles says "Bananagrams" and wins the game!

James and I have played this game quite a few times since we got it. Here is how the game looks when everyone is finished.


  1. I love games too... if only Josh loved them as much as me... This game looks fun!

  2. I remember a time when we were all playing games at Josh and I's apartment at the Riv. He opted out of playing, and instead chose to track the scores on an excel spreadsheet to look for trends. Nerd...

  3. I'm glad to see Qi made it's appearance.

  4. What else could we do? they give you a Q, not even a Qu

  5. "Until then, observe the silence of the Qi!"

  6. I was just wondering how you always have so many comments. Then I looked at and was not shocked when two were from Justin. He's a total blog junkie lately.
    I haven't played Nertz in forever. I want to play that now! We'll have to try this one out too.