Thursday, August 19, 2010


Megan and I recently moved into our apartment. Here is a map of the location along with a few other key sites in the city.

View Our Apartment in a larger map

It is located downtown in a very convenient and busy area. It costs Q 2,000 per month, or about $250. That includes electricity, water, trash, wi-fi, and all the furniture inside. Its not as nice as some other places we looked at, but it is a good price and a great location.

The bathroom

The closets in the bedroom.

The bedroom

The kitchen

The door, living room/dining room.


  1. Hi! guys I thought you were moving to a third world country. that doesnt look like a dirt floor to me. Great shower, wish I could visit. Good luck and we love you Brad and the girls.

  2. I like the blue walls. The kitchen looks cool.

  3. that's a pretty sweet apartment. i like the blue tiles in the bathroom... can you even reach the toilet paper? looks like fun! glad you found one!!