Sunday, August 15, 2010


This weekend James and I went to the Xela central park and walked around one of the open air markets.

It's unbelievable how many Mayans live in Xela. The city is approximately 65% indigenous. I took some  pictures of a mother and little boy who were at the park for the afternoon.

People stand on the streets and sell all kinds of merchandise. It's usually hand woven materials or produce. None of the vendors are pushy, with the exception of this lady. I told her that I did not need a woven scarf... She told me that I did. She followed us around lowering the price of her fabrics each time I gave the "no thanks." As you can see, she won. It was $2 well earned.


  1. Wow! Is that a hat on her head? She really earned that two dollars.

  2. It's a bundle of goods, not a hat. They carry all kinds of things on their heads