Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh yeah, That's plankable

On our most recent visit to my parents house, a discussion arose about one of Amanda's dates where they had taken pictures of themselves planking all over BYU campus.

HA! "Who comes up with this stuff?" we said. "What a ridiculous waste of time," we said. "How could something so dumb be entertaining," we said. "Hey look at me! I'm planking!" we said sarcastically as we flung ourselves onto the kitchen island.

"... I'm a little embarrassed, but that was kind of fun. What else can we plank?"

Quickly the giggles of teasing turned into the laughter of joy as the magic of planking took over our lives and, consequently, our Friday night. The planking extravaganza had begun.

We planked high,

and we planked low.

Some planks were easy,

while others were a little more difficult.

We attempted the backwards plank...

the unthinkable plank...

the multi-plank...

the log cabin plank...

and the kissing plank.

We planked in door,

and out door.

Everyone wanted to get in on the planking.

We soon realized that we could plank anything,

and even nothing.

Before the night was through we had planked the whole town.


  1. HAHAHA. Thanks for the laugh! Hilarious!

  2. LOVE IT!! Funny and creative post :)

  3. I laughed so hard reading this! If I weren't 9 months pregnant I would go try this right now!!

  4. amazing! where was this freshman year?! good times!

  5. The family that planks together, stays together.

  6. Your friend Amanda posted this on her blog, so I took a look. Coolest blog post EVER!!!