Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Superior Vacation

We wanted to go on a camping trip before James started his classes and so we decided to go to the upper Peninsula of Michigan. We decided the Pictured Rocks National Park on the Superior Lakeshore would be the perfect vacation spot.

Our camping site was very close to a beach on the lake. We really loved playing in the waves and picking up lots of rocks. 

We also hiked to some huge dunes along the shoreline. 

I LOVE fires. They are mesmerizing. There were lots of yummy campfire meals to be eaten. And for dinner... roasted starburst! Delicious!  

We went on 6 mile hike to see a beautiful rock formation on one of the beaches called "Chapel Rock." On the way we found the roots of a huge tree that had fallen over. Cool huh?

It was awesome to be able to sit on the beach by our tent and watch the sun set. What a great trip.