Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Haunted House = A house often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased ... where you eat dinner and paint peace signs

Our Thanksgiving vacation events included a girls night out to an old house in Indy for some dinner and painting. 

The house was haunted. And creepy. And we took advantage of these ghost infested rooms for a small photo shoot. 

There were lots of ghostly creepsters following us around from room to room, as you can see below.

Mandy found herself a little friend.

Mandy + Her new friend = super scary. 

See that lady in the picture. Yeah, she's dead. Died the morning after she slept in the bed that was sitting right next to this dresser. Spooky.

I was fairly certain that we might get kicked out of that house after our escapades. But we made it to dinner without getting into too much trouble.

After dinner the painting began. 

Here we see Marissa; quite the professional.

Mandy isn't the most ... artistic person in the family, but on this evening, she dressed the part and decided to give it her all. In fact, she worked so hard perfecting her painting, that before she had finished, all the dishes had been cleared and everyone else had left. 

My mom finished her painting ...

Me and Marissa finished ours...

And 20 million years later ...

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  1. I loved this evening! I thought it was really fun to eat and paint- thanks to my girls for indulging me!