Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anniversary 2.0

On November 23 we had our 2nd anniversary. To celebrate I took James to Medieval Times. It was pretty awesome. Neither of us had ever been there before. During the jousting show they give you a HUGE dinner that you have to eat with your hands. Each section of the audience cheers for a different knight. Our knight was red and yellow. He didn't win the tournament but he was clearly the best. Any knight whose long hair and constant fist pumping reminds you of an 80's rock band member is clearly number one. Before we were let into the arena we took a few pictures to commemorate.


James' hat was a little big. He said he felt like Prince John from Robin Hood. "Hiss! You're never around when I need you."

While I was looking at the pictures of our previous anniversary, I noticed a slight similarity in each of James' outfits. Seems that a certain green sweater must make an appearance in each of our special days.

Our 2nd Anniversary

Our 1st Anniversary

Our Wedding Day

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  1. that is way funny. i'm assuming it wasn't intentional?
    happy anniversary last month! :)