Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another New Apartment

We haven't been keeping up with the blog lately but we are back to the United States and settled in Baltimore. Another new apartment. We are quite the little vagabond family. We've only been married for three years and we've already lived in five apartments, if you count our car as an apartment, which I do. I realized the other day that we've lived out of our car almost as long as we lived in our Guatemalan apartment. If that isn't the definition of nomadic...

Anyway, we were lucky to find a cheap, month to month basement apartment. It's very small but cozy and enough space for us. Here are a few pictures for those who are interested...


  1. Is the couch new? Where did you get it? That's EXACTLY like the one I want to buy when we move. I've been putting away in a "couch budget" so we can buy a nice couch since we're going to be there at least 4 years.