Friday, March 18, 2011


Recently my sister Marissa wrote a post about her husband's Medical School acceptances. It sounds like he has been given some great choices. Now it's our turn for a post. James has finally heard replies from every school that he applied to. 

He has received acceptance offers from ... drum roll please ....

#1 in Public Health - Johns Hopkins

#2 in Public Health - University of North Carolina


#4 in Public Health - University of Michigan

Pretty great options if you ask me.

We've been given the chance to visit all of the campuses and are now in the process of reviewing the offers and picking a school. He was offered some serious financial assistance from some of the schools so it will be difficult to choose, but hopefully we will have an answer in the next couple of weeks. 

I am very proud of James! He is such a little smarty pants!


  1. Exciting stuff! Sounds like you have a lot more choices than us :p. Don't go to NC anymore since we didn't get accepted to Duke! I vote Michigan. Mom and Dad's is a great central location if we go to St. Louis!

  2. Congratulations! It is so nice to have choices! I thought James was already in grad school, is this for his PhD??

  3. You will have to change your blog name to: AnnArborFullers or ChapelHillFullers!

  4. Yeah seriously, guys, you really dropped the ball with the name. Did you think you'd be in Baltimore forever?


  5. We didn't change it when we were in Guatemala. No one seemed to care then.

  6. Why did your parents call you J.D.? Did they think you'd live in Texas forever?